BMW Films: The Escape

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…New developments in the ongoing controversy surrounding Molecular Genetics. Incoming reports now allege MolGen’s involvement in illegal human cloning. In a startling development, it appears private security forces have taken over. All this just two weeks after the controversial disappearance of MolGen Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nora Phillips. Anonymous sources saying there could be actual human clones inside. Up and at ‘em, Five. Let’s go. Get up! Sir, FBI just breached the lobby. It’s getting down to the wire. Guess we better hurry then. Get up, Five! Why do you always have to make everything so hard. Let’s go. Chrissakes, is that really necessary? Keep moving. Keep moving. All clear, let’s go. Let’s go! Move, move, move! Goddamn abomination. In position. Driver’s coming in. Abomination. Get the door, please. Abomination. From the latin word “abominari”. A thing that causes hatred or disgust. Gentlemen, the specimen stays with me at all times. Lead, follow, you offer support. There is also an air unit that is active. Right now we are surrounded by the FBI. We will move out. We will move fast. And if necessary we will push back. The only thing that matters now is getting the merchandise to the customer.

Let’s see if you’re worth the money. You don’t need to baby-sit me. I baby-sit everyone. That’s kinda my thing. What the– They’re moving in. You got six on your tail. Xavier, do me a favor. Push ‘em back a little bit. This is your world? Have you never seen it before? Drive the car. Not with my eyes, no. Five. Shut up. But I know all about your world. Really? Do not communicate with the specimen… – Alaska has a longer coastline… – Five… – …than all other 49 states combined. – Stop talking. – If you want, I could tell you some– – Five, stop talking! My name is Lilly. Okay. Please, those are mine. I love her work. It’s great, isn’t it. Such detail. That’s my favorite. She’s really something else. Okay…

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Cut him off! Stop the car. Three seconds. Two. One. Get out. Okay. Do you have any idea what you just did? I might be a little rusty right now, but I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m very good at it. That only means your chances of failure increase with each outing. Statistically speaking. The odds will be what the odds will be.

Get out. You’re dead, mystery man. You’re dead. You mind? Air unit one in pursuit. No, no, no, no, the driver’s mine! Buckle up… Let’s go, let’s go! Lower! Lower! Lower! What part of “lower” don’t you understand?! Mercy. From Old French, merced. Kindness. Grace. Pity. Put your hands up! On your knees! You okay? Dr. Phillips. Yes. She made Tulip and Rose and Daffodil… and me.

They’re all gone now. Look. Hello, Lilly. Keep it. Thank you. .

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