Should I Convert Group Life Insurance to Individual – What Happens When I Retire?

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Should I Convert Group Life Insurance to Individual hey everybody I’m they’re here and I’m do me good and today we’re going to talk about life insurance on your job we’ll be right back alright guys walking back here and I want to share with you a couple concept you media had experienced as well as I did and you mean so what happened to you when you check your job prefer your life insurance product probably what happened to you so the other day I was at work and I was walking through some co-workers and regards of life insurance and I was telling them about you know for America and I say you know whatever you see how much we have on the job how much insurance do we have meeting working for the federal government I was told that they automatically enroll you in to what its particles life insurance so I went ahead and moved online and on the hold I’m not even enrolled which the opposed to automatically get enrolled with them so I’m like are you serious i’m glad i took care of myself because i kept thinking that i had insurance on my job and I don’t have anything so if anything would have happened to me we would have just been high and dry had nothing nothing at all so I’m glad that I did go ahead and put myself in my son and so some life insurance so we’re now I really ought to try my job here in my bag but it’s all shows i have my own bag and that’s something that most people don’t know is that you think you have life insurance through your job and you think it’s good group life insurance is my feelings because you get fired you get laid off or anything like that you no longer we have insurance mistresses you have nothing to cover you so there’s something keeping these are looking through and I’m actually happy that I took care of myself and we lost to this situation and that’s what we encourage you to be no he take care of yourself because I have a situation that was kind of summer I checked mine life insurance you know my insurance period on my own and to my job to make sure I was enrolled in everything come to find out I wasn’t even wrote i don’t think i had was accident so if i were to get hurt on the job that the only thing Should I Convert Group Life Insurance to Individual you will cover fire accidentally anything outside of my job or none being an on accident they will not cover it so you have to look in to take care of yourself now because the job is knowledge is going to take care of you and plus deposit that I had it wasn’t that much money it was just enough to cover burial if I had accident so and even if you do that basic life assurance we put their job most likely it’s going to be not quite so large politics going to be just enough father to take care your very very and we just want to encourage you to thing behind the box think about you know have enough money for your setting to not only very you would eliminate debt and put into this comfortable as well you know so instead it hasn’t changed twenty thousand dollars to your job while not playing by the morning get your own policy and get them at least accordingly or more you know if their employees definitely be straight so guys you know check your chick until you to our products that guarantee it’s not like what you think it is and we recommend term life over blue proxy anyway we have your own policy have more control and as you know way more money and you probably pay you less money so guys we have only one share with you the cemetery there’s a bigger than want to share with you concerning y term lecture just so important and also what you can do to get educated on it so click the link below this video and we also get a free quote home terms like insurance weeping on your own proxy so what we say click the link click the link below below LOL contributor within this video and please a foreclosed would be more than happy to help you to better yourself take care of yourself and i sold it be worth it you know you you can go out and you can go different places you can go by jordan and you can do all day with this money but you can’t take care of your chill get your surface of the apology and make sure your family is comfortable after some you know some you might be passed away long as you know that your family clients I know I’m gonna be fine I will risk wheel and then again long as I noted my son and my family is fine so that’s something that you guys really need to think about click this link within this video or below and we’ll be more than happy to help you alright guys term up today you Should I Convert Group Life Insurance to Individual

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